House Volleyball 2021

There was a competitive atmosphere with each House trying their hardest to win overall. Students enjoyed lots of fun and tense moments too, from falling to save the ball, to scoring points from amazing ace serves.

Panpan – F5

Last week was a very intense week, with Inter-House Volleyball from Monday until Thursday. Not only that, but House Arts had also just finished leaving many teams with almost no time to practice together. Despite this lack of time, all the teams performed exceptionally.

On Monday and Tuesday, Upper School battled it out in Sports Hall 1 with Teresa winning 6.1 and Pankhurst winning 6.2. On Wednesday, Form 3 and Form 4 played, and the outcome was Mandela being first in F3 and Teresa in F4. Thursday was the competition for Form 5s. I was one of the players for Teresa, and I think the team played pretty well considering the very limited time for practice. From spectating all the games, I think Adil’s 11 service aces for Mandela deserves him the MVP title.

Most of the people involved in the competition, whether they were Lower or Upper School, boys or girls, didn’t usually play volleyball. However, everyone still tried their very best for their team, and it was very impressive to see how most of them improved their receiving, setting, spiking, and serving skills throughout the game. I think the most impressive part of this year’s volleyball was the amount of support and cheering from House members. It didn’t matter if the team lost a game against one House; the House Captains and Heads of House cheered on for their teams ‘till the very end. It was a VERY FUN experience overall, and I look forward to the same next year.

Sam – F5

Inter-House Volleyball was such an amazing experience. My friends and I enjoyed playing volleyball competitively. Since volleyball is a team sport, before the game, we discussed and practiced a lot. This brought us closer to each other and created a better teamwork environment. Despite the results, I am glad that everyone who got involved in the volleyball competition managed to have fun and made it such a memorable event. I look forward to other upcoming Inter-House competitions.

Yun – F5