House Hockey 2020

The inter-house hockey tournament took place during Wednesday ‘afternoon games’, gathering a fair few spectators. A total of six matches were played that afternoon, giving every house an opportunity to play against the other three houses. Mandela was short of players, due to the fact they struggled to find substitutes beforehand. However, they established coordinated tactics before the first game, enabling them to attack and defend well throughout the game. The teams’ passing and spatial awareness helped them score two goals in the first game, scored by Seb. Mandela won the next match against Teresa, mainly due to Jacob’s strong attack throughout the game. Mandela drew the last game, struggling to outplay Gandhi, however were overall winners on the day.

Mandela did not win the inter-house hockey tournament through pure skill, but rather teamwork and coordination. The whole team was willing to put in their best and maintain energy, which proved especially hard with no substitutes. We thought we would come last or close to last, but it became apparent that communication skills, hard work, focus and sportsmanship were more important than athleticism, helping us to attain the much-desired win for Mandela House. Our respect goes out to the other houses who competed; it was an exciting afternoon!

Seb – F4