Concord’s House Dinners 2019

Gandhi House

House Dinner was a very sociable event. It was a fun way to get closer to friends and new people. The food was really good, and the dessert was amazing. There were lots of activities that were held, such as the perfect game, where you had to match a prefect to an interesting fact about them. It was nice because of the welcoming environment that the dinner had. It was an occasion full of laughter. The musical talent showcased during the dinner was splendid too. It amazingly accompanied the dinner, complimenting the cool atmosphere that was created. I really enjoyed it!

Jeremy – F5 (Gandhi House Captain)

 Gandhi House is an amazing place for me so far, as I am in my first year at Concord College. The House Dinner allowed me to meet new friends and meet our House Captain. I had a wonderful night. In the dinner event, we had a delicious meal and fantastic music. Peers from Gandhi with special talents gave us ‘bravos’ performances. I enjoyed the music very much. I also participated in the quiz. From joining the quiz, I knew more about the people in our ‘house’ and it was fun and memorable. Everyone was happy and chatting, so time flew by… Dinner ended around 9:30 and we had to go back to the boarding house. This was a fantastic experience for me, and I hope everyone will enjoy it and looking forward to the next House Dinner. Last but not least, thank you very much for everyone who participated in the event and contributed to it.

Nicole – F4 (New student)

Mandela House

The Mandela House Dinner this year was an absolute blast. It was not only a time for all “Mandalians” to gather together after the long summer break, but also a time to welcome the new Mandalians to our huge family. As green is the colour that represents Mandela, the entire Dining Hall was decorated with green accessories, including green napkins and lime juice. The dinner started smoothly with a piece of wonderful music and a speech made by our HHHhhead of House – Mr Rawlinson. He mentioned that we are lots of tiny green droplets that form a gigantic green ocean we unite.

The food was good but what I enjoyed the most was meeting new people and perhaps even making new friends. We were talking about lessons we’ve so far had and our interests in life. Time passed by quickly as we were enjoying our conversations so much. Mr Rawlinson made another speech and the House Dinner came to an end.

I enjoyed this year’s House Dinner slightly more compared to last year as I was familiar with the event and not as nervous anymore. I had a fun – an unforgettable night. I can’t wait for the House Dinner next year!

 Sylvia – F4 (Returner)

Pankhurst House

The first few weeks of school have flown, and we have already fulfilled our days with exciting and adventurous events, but the event I would like to talk about is the Pankhurst Dinner…

This event was not only for us to eat the incredibly delicious food that was cooked by our amazing catering team, but for us to connect, raise our team spirit and get to know each other as a team!

Pankhurst House Dinner did not start out in the Dining Hall, but rather in the Morris building, where we listened to a presentation from Mrs Canney, our Head of House, who lifted our team spirit before dinner. Then followed a presentation from the prefects, where they introduced themselves to Pankhurst with a twist, by recording a mannequin challenge, which made our evening even brighter than it already was. After a good laugh, we had a talented Pankhurst band play an amazing song for us, that featured a piano, guitars, beats and even violins. After the delightful presentation about Pankhurst, we headed to dinner, where the tables were beautifully set, and our starters were already waiting for us. When we sat down, prefects played a game of two truths and one lie with us; the rules were simple – prefects said three facts about themselves and two of them were true and one was a lie. The whole Pankhurst team then got to guess which one the lie was, which was a brilliant idea to get to know the prefects better. After our great starters, we had a great choice of main courses and desserts. But the most enjoyable part was that everybody got to know each other, and I’ve met some great people, which everybody did!

In conclusion, I was very honoured to be in the Pankhurst dinner of 2019!

 Aidana – F4 (New student)

Teresa House

The time of year when all members of Teresa can sit down and bond with each other… The Teresa House Dinner is a fantastic chance for Lower School members of Teresa to get to know Upper School members of the ‘house’. During House Dinner, there was a game played that involved matching the photos of prefects, house captains and monitors (when they were toddlers) to their names. This game united members sitting on the same table, it was funny and it was exhilarating to communicate with people that you weren’t familiar with.

Also, during dinner, there was wonderfully talented musicians of Teresa playing instruments or singing which created a convivial atmosphere. When everyone had nearly finished, there were also games such as the “siblings’ game” where members of the house who had brothers or sisters guessed what each other were thinking – which hugely entertained us.

The last and most important part of the Teresa House Dinner was when Mr Arthur and all the prefects taught us the chant for Teresa house. T! E! R! E! S! A! Teresa! This not only symbolised support and reinforcement for all members of the house, but also transmitted the key ideas of Teresa: friendship, affection and giving the helping hand. At that specific moment in time, we were not individuals. Everyone was a member of Teresa House, of a huge family. We were one.

Shinglok – F5 (Returning student)