House Basketball 2020

On 12th February, Pankhurst’s Lower School basketball team participated in an inter-house basketball tournament. Many thanks to our house captains, Praew and Leo, who put together a wonderful and tough squad.

In the first game against Mandela, we knew they were resilient, but we won with a good defensive start led by Kong and Victor and then outscored our opponents.

After the break, we were playing Gandhi (they were in the same position as us, winning their previous game against Teresa). However, our team was strong, and we were able to defend their best players, as well as orchestrating our offence to a manage a second win.

Then, we faced our last match, Teresa. Our defence started to lack physicality as we fatigued, therefore allowing Teresa to gain a lead in the first few minutes of the game. However, we re-strengthened and strategised, and caught up with their score. In the final moments of the game, the score was 11-10, Teresa leading by one point. Facing our best opponents, we got the final chance and were able to shoot a game-winner, putting Pankhurst first in the tournament.

Many thanks to our players and our house captains for their efforts!

Kenny – F4