Joy from above – High Rope Climbing

Yes, I know it is a very terrifying thing to do, when you’re looking up from the ground, up the 25 metres of high pillars that seem to extend to heavens above, but is it really this terrifying?

I’m acrophobic who cannot scale anything and look down from a high distance because of childhood drama, so when I stood below the gigantic seesaw which stood above me like a flying spaceship, I was like “There is no way I’m doing this thing.” But eventually as life is a horrible force, I was somehow forced to scale the monstrous pole that leads up to the seesaw (which was only one of the torture machineries they have).

The instructors gave me one last check on my life supporting rope and gave the two people that were determining my fate one last instruction and sent me flying up. Physical activities aren’t really my specialty so scaling the pole might seem easy to someone else but to me, it was harder than doing my Saturday tests.

When I started climbing to the middle point of the pole, I felt a certain pull and I was dragged up by my lovely friends holding my life support rope a little too early and sent me frantically trying to hold on to the pole. In this exact moment I panicked and lost my balance, I almost fell until the rope holds me up again, and that was one of the most terrifying moments of the entire adventure.

Eventually I managed to climb the pole that seemed infinite to me while I was scaling it, but then the scariest part came. Climbing the pole was simply basic skills but then getting on the actual seesaw is the nightmare, as it was raining for the entire day, the seesaw was wet and I couldn’t grab the wood firmly and my cold frail fingers were failing me to pull myself up the seesaw, but thankfully my friend who already got on the seesaw gave my rope a big yank and I finally landed on the platform.

Although the platform was extremely high, it was the first time I fully experienced being so high with no barrier to prevent me from falling and the feeling was so thrilling and I feel like I have finally conquered my long history of fear of heights. I can finally fully enjoy the view of Concord College and the surrounding view of Shropshire, and it was absolutely fascinating.

At last I let go of all my fears and burden and took a leap of faith and jumped off the tallest structure they have and I felt the freedom and liberation of the jump. The thrill of the jump made me feel complete as I did something that I never dreamed that I would accomplish in my lifetime. High rope climbing isn’t that scary anymore when you have conquered it and it turned the experience from terrifying to joyous and fun.

I feel like the high ropes is such an interesting and unique activity that Concord has to offer to the students and that we should all try it just to have the satisfaction of conquering your fears, but remember to bring two REALLY GOOD and DEAR friends with you to ensure your safety.

Vincent Yung F4