Hansel and Gretel

On the morning of Thursday 6th June, we awoke to a rare viewing of an English Summer, never was the warm glow of the sun so welcome. That afternoon, all of Form 3 were due to perform Hansel and Gretel by Carl Grose outside amongst the trees and in front of Acton Burnell Castle. After weeks of rehearsing endless physical routines and musical pieces, the only thing we could not guarantee was the weather.

Within our teaching groups we were set the task of telling a section of the ancient fairy tale, as well as creating original music, designing posters and producing a set which would help our audience fall into the magical world of the wicked witch.

Our dress rehearsal that afternoon was to be viewed by Longden Primary School and we welcomed an excitable live audience to test our bold movements, over the top characters and live music skills. For many of us this was our first time on stage, and I will never forget how it felt to perform in front of the castle alongside my friends to the cheers and giggles of the students.

Unfortunately, the good weather that blessed us for the dress rehearsal didn’t hold out and as the thunder clouds surrounded us and the lighting flashed through the sky many whispered the wicked words of ‘cancellation’ and ‘postponement’. However, Form 3 are not to be doubted and through sheer determination, perseverance and perhaps with the help of a delivery of 50 doughnuts we dried our costumes off, pinned our sparkly green braces back on and marched outside.

The stage was set, the breadcrumb trail was laid, and the cauldron hidden away … we were ready. As our audience followed a musical trail towards the performance site, the nerves mounted, a collective deep breath was taken and with the bang of a drum we began our portrayal of this classic tale.

Although our glittery make up has been washed off and our braces have been hung up for good, I will look back on the experience and always remember…. ‘Run away children hide in your dreams, things in the flesh aren’t quite what they seem.’

 – Anonymous