After lengthy 2 hour Saturday tests it was finally time to prepare for Halloween. I had already got all the things I needed for my costume which was meant to be a surprise. After lunch, I had to decorate the Lower School for the Outreach society. We were planning to make the scariest haunted house yet. There were a lot of decorations which was used wisely. Our group’s duty was to decorate the toilets. I think this was the best part to decorate as it is a very tiny are but with a lot of mirrors and cubicles. We put a lot of blood on the mirrors and put a fake hand beneath a door. The entire place was covered in cob webs and a very evil plan was hatched to trap the people in the cubicles. As the person walks in the scarer will lock the toilet and they cannot go out until they have entered every single cubicle. After decorating the toilet it was finally time for me to dress up.

I went back to my boarding house and looked at my costume and realised it was a bad idea. We were planning to go as a group of scary teenage girls. As I put on the leggings, I thought to myself, how do girls were these all day long? Don’t they feel uncomfortable? I wore my costume and walked out with my group. We all looked at each other, all of us equally puzzled and odd. Our only aim out of this costume was to win the “Best group award”. We walked into Main Hall and realised this is going to be hard. There was a group of Zombie Police, Mexicans, Sims, two Mario groups, and the food group. There were also many candidates for the “Best dressed boy” and “Best dressed girl”, there was a very scary Batwoman, a creepy mime, bleeding Oreos and many more. The main hall was filled with scary people and there were a lot of ‘selfies’ and pictures being taken.

The best part of the day was the creepy Halloween disco. The west end was decorated with carved pumpkins, cobwebs and lots and lots of glow-sticks. There was very creepy music and it felt like the entire Concord College was on the dance floor, dancing the night out. There were a lot of competitions on the dance floor against groups and it was really fun. This wonderful disco would not have been possible without the incredible DJ Zhaslan. It was nearly time for room check and I was so tired I wanted to go and die on my bed but I realised I had to get rid of all the makeup, and so I went for a shower. It was a fun day with great memories. This Halloween is one I will never forget.

Aous Mohammed F5