Ghost Walk 2021

For most of us, it was our first time in Shrewsbury at night. Most of the shops we were familiar with from shopping trips were closed, and it wasn’t until we saw the dazzling lights of Starbucks – of all places – around the corner of the high street, that we finally realised where we were.

We split into two groups. Meeting with our tour guide for the ‘Ghost Walk’, we were introduced to the town in a completely different perspective. I was very surprised to know that Shropshire is in fact the most haunted county in England, with over 5000 spots with supernatural sightings.

Promenading in the dark alleyways, our guide began on the tragic stories of the wandering souls – a mother who can apparently still be heard today crying for her lost child, a poor traveler who was buried alive, and the cursed room number 5 in Prince Rupert Hotel.

Apparently though, aside from the hauntings, there are also lovely ghosts like the one in the Old Post Office who would kindly turn your alarm clocks off.

Lily – F5