Fashion Show 2016

When I first saw the stage I was astonished, because I never expected it to look so professional just like a real fashion show with a catwalk and all the high-tech equipment, such as the lights and the screens that shows the model’s walk from different angles. The three letters in the middle of stage AVM symbolised the theme of this incredible event but I didn’t get the point at first! Later in the show, I came to realise the three letters AVM symbolised the theme of this incredible event: animal, vegetable and mineral.

To me, the most amazing part of fashion show is when you actually design your clothes with your model. It’s a great opportunity to express the style of the country of your origin and represent your culture or show your ideas and understanding of the theme you chose. Perhaps you may have chosen the same theme as other designers but you can make it special and unique. Also not everyone is suited to different types of clothes and in order to make sure that your model is the right one to present your fashion design, you have to negotiate with them and make sure you have made the best decisions on your clothes design.

I really enjoy this activity and I did have a lot of fun with my friends, I will try to be involved in the next fashion show and I will encourage all of my friends to take part in as well. This activity has given me so much joy and so many memories during the process that I feel I could only learn more next time.

Britina Wei F4

Fashion Show 2015

After months of designing and rehearsing, we’re finally ready for the Fashion Show. It was all started with a few pieces of cloth, a pair of scissors, useful materials and who can ever forget about the ever-occupied glue guns and the sewing machine. The art block was just suddenly crowded with people. Beautiful designs were displayed around the place, inspiring new designers to show off their arty side, unleashing their creativity and originality.

As for the models, they were extremely thrilled about the Fashion Show, nervous yet heart-stirring. We had four rehearsals in total for models and designers, and we all did really well in each practice. We also had the honour of Jennifer in sixth form to teach us how to walk confidently (especially with killer heels!) on stage, such as looking to the front with a straight body gesture. All of us learnt at least something from her.

With all the practices we went through, it was finally the 7th of February. After our Saturday tests, designers were busy doing the final touches on their amazing designs, models were on the go with doing their make-up and hairstyles, some students and staffs were also trying to set up the final model stage. Everybody was waiting impatiently for the real show to start. At 7:30 pm, the show has officially started, everybody was jumping up and down, holding on with excitement, every one of us were either worried about our walks, or trying to stay confident as they were in the rehearsal. But in the end, every single one of us did tremendously well, the judges were very pleased, and we were all proud of ourselves. In the end, Meg and Joicy were awarded prizes for the best use of materials; Diana and Oleksandra were announced the best models in the show; last but not least, the best designers that conveyed the theme of Strength and Fragility were awarded to Amy and Charles. In general, the show was a total success and everybody enjoyed it.

Lastly, I want to thank all the people (especially Miss Tonks and Miss Saleemi) who contributed in this Fashion Show. They had spent all their effort and time for that night, leaving something memorable not only for them, but also for every one of us.

Shuxuan Lin F4