Form 3 Activities Week

On the last week of our 2nd term, instead of exams like the rest of the school, the Form 3s were allowed to take a break and have fun. This week was filled with exciting activities that let us socialize with people we haven’t worked with before and it also let us experience things we’ve never done before.

To start off activities week, we headed off into the tennis court to watch the solar eclipse, which was rarely seen in England. After the eclipse, the whole of Form 3 went into the theatre to watch a version of Romeo and Juliet performed by 3 actors. Following the performance, we had a script-reading workshop and a musical workshop, which helped us know more about the play.

The second day was a cold Saturday, we had an activity outdoors; we were divided between aid workers, families and reporters, and we had to pretend to be in an earthquake situation where there was a limited amount of supplies and families needed to build tents to survive.

After two days of activities at school, we started an outdoor trip at a beautiful centre in Bala .To commence our Bala trip, we went underground to the mines and explored different types of rocks and also explored different ways on how the miners worked. We also overcame difficulties such as climbing up waterfalls and eating in the dark.

On the second day, we went rock climbing in the morning. Although it started raining during the climbing, most of us still made ourselves to the top of the rock. After the tiring rock climbing, we went on a student led hike trail in the afternoon; we worked as a group and only depended on a confusing map which was given by the instructor to find our way back to the campus from a faraway lake.

On the last day in Bala, we had the most tiring and impressive activity: kayaking in the morning and gorge walking in the afternoon. We had many laughs and played many fun games during kayaking, while Sujay and Daniel just kept falling into the water. After lunch, we had gorge walking. Although the weather was nice and the sun was shining warmly, the water in the gorge still froze. It was terrible when freezing water poured into your ‘waterproof’ coat and you still needed to overcome the strong water current. However, although everyone was wet, cold and tired, gorge walking was still the activity we loved the most.

Finally it was the last day of the term. We took a 7-hour trip to Birmingham’s ‘Think Tank museum’ where we had a forensic investigation workshop. We took different fingerprints and analysed different footprints to experience how police work in a scene of crime.

Donna Chau F3