The clocks were ticking, with every ‘crack’ getting louder and louder. My friends and I lined up, speeches ready and all dressed up. It was almost time for my LAMDA examination.

Looking back at the experience, I can deduce that I learnt a lot from it. For example, it taught me a lot of techniques that I wasn’t fully aware of at first. Also, it didn’t only teach me how to recite my memorised speech, it made me stronger mentally as well.

Other than realising the staggering importance of pitch and tone, it built confidence in myself; and with some encouraging advice from some experienced teachers like Mrs Russell, it convinced me to perform better every time I recited it.

On the day though, everything felt different. My legs seemed to be loose, as if they were noodles being cooked in a spot slowly – where it was just me panicking silently, and where time was just a number. I started to recite my speech with some degree of anxiety, but as I kept on going, I felt more confident during the experience and performed better. Overall, I would recommend applying for this qualification, but also to learn more about yourself along the way.

Aidan – F3