Enrichment Fayre 2019

This was the first time that I attended an ‘Enrichment Fayre’ as I joined the crowd and walked around the Sports Hall yesterday.

I was quite late as I arrived from Castle Block. My seniors were already well-prepared and there were piles of students looking around and signing for the twilight activities that they were interested in. The first thing that really struck me since when I entered was the vast array of different clubs or discussion groups from all different subjects. As a new student joining Concord this year, I was amazed by the variety of activities present in the school and the enthusiasm of the seniors. Impressed by the atmosphere, I looked around the whole hall with my friends and got the information to choose the suitable ones for myself.

I saw the amazing pieces of artwork produced by the Architecture group, the creative posters and school magazines from the Concord Columns team and large crowds that surrounded the football and the basketball clubs at the fayre. In addition, I also found people with the same hobbies or views as myself and expressed a lot of my own opinions.

Actually, despite the variety of choices, I soon found out that it was too hard for me to make up my mind and take the final decisions, because I was interested in almost every twilight activity. And I have also promised some of my friends that I will go to some of the activities with them. It took nearly half an hour to weigh out the pros and cons of each club, to cut down the amount of activities and even then, I chose 7!

I really enjoyed the Enrichment Fayre and joining the clubs that I was interested in. I was glad to find activities that I like, and I am looking forward to all of those.

Kate – F4