International Food Fayre 2019

The aroma of the food wafted across the room as I entered Concord’s West End. It was filled with hungry teenagers – like cats and dogs eager and ‘fighting’ for food. As I walked across the densely packed room, picking out which countries’ foods I should try first, my eyes lit up as I passed by Hong Kong Society’s HK-style French toast, and African Society’s chicken drumsticks. All the foods from across the world were amazing, and it was so cool to try out a variety of food in the same place. It is just such a joy to be engaged in such a culturally diverse community like Concord. I loved the food fayre as I got to learn more about each country’s food culture; it was also an opportunity for me to bond with other people, people from across the globe, all connected that day because of our common love, that is food.

Scarlet – F4