Experiencing Concord’s Colour Run

When I arrived, I was greeted with kindness and I really enjoyed the experience. My favourite part of the race was getting powder thrown at me. Afterwards, I was very colourful – green, pink, purple, orange! It was very fun and I enjoyed it very much. I definitely want to do it again!

Valentina – F3

Despite the struggle of year-group bubbles and other restrictions, the teachers managed to get the colour run to go ahead. I ran around Hall Meadow with some of my friends and we all had a great time. On our first lap, we did not get much colour on our tops, so we did a second lap to make our tops as colourful as possible. Thanks to the staff and students for making it a wonderful afternoon that we all enjoyed!

Aimee – F5



Colour Run 2019

In a day full of colour and spirit, many Concordians set off to enjoy the fun blast of colour. The infamous Hall Meadow was set up as an obstacle course for the students to run through, with a twist; they would simultaneously run with a bunch of coloured powder paints thrown at them. The many games included skipping ropes, bean bag races, and a huge parachute!

Soon, white shirts and faces were coloured, as the students went around the course once more or chilled and spectated, enjoying a cool ice cream. Here are some comments on the event:

“The weather wasn’t the best, but the prefects made the best of it so that everyone could enjoy it!”

– Myrtle (F5)

 “It was absolutely amazing! a fresh chance to know new people and get soaked in colours”

– Chloe (F5)

 “It was a unique challenge because there were lots of obstacles and we got to hang out with friends.”

– William (F4)

 “It was fun to bond with new people and prefects! I felt colourful and beautiful that day.” 

– Raees (F4)

 “It was kind of tiring, but it was a good experience and an enjoyable one! Thank you to the prefects who made it such an amazing experience.”

– Nicole (F3)

 “The colour run was, well, colourful! it was so fun because I got to socialise with my friends and do some exercises with them too.”

Praew (F5)


Zelenie – F5