A look back at Christmas Dinner…

‘A look back at Christmas Dinner…’

Hugo – F5

Christmas Dinner & Disco

In between our long-lasting and never-ending week of exams, last Saturday night was Concord’s annual Christmas dinner followed up with a disco at the Sports Hall. It was a night for the gentlemen to suit up in their smartest suits and for girls to dress up in their nicest dresses. It was also a night for the students to take pictures (especially selfies) with their friends to remember the night.

Starting off the night, we were served a delicious main course, then mouth watering deserts. After the food, the Lower School students joined the upper school students in the sharing of jokes that got the school cracking. Especially the one that went like “Santa Claus…Garden…Ho Ho Ho” or something like that, and who can forget Sashi and Zoe’s throwback to the House Arts? Then there was a competition for the gentlemen honoring “Movember”, the winner was Jimi in 6.2 with his manly beard that looked well groomed, with honorable mentions to Max and Marcel in 6.1. Not only did the men have a competition so did the ladies, they had a contest to see who had the nicest nails, Jenny from form 4 won with her black nail polish with gold sparkles. Afterwards, all the students sang Christmas to get into the Christmas spirit.

After the dinner most of the people headed to the sports hall for the disco. The school invited a professional DJ from outside the school to play the top tracks right now (like the new song by Bobby Shmurda, the name of which will not be stated due to the explicit language). Friends gathered in groups and circles to dance around and to talk. Who can understand the people who sit in the corners gaming away on their phones, and the people who were gaming in their rooms, missing out on all the fun? Oh well, we’ll have to wait another year for this again. But then again, it was definitely a night to remember.

Truman Tong F4