Careers Fair

On the 21st January Wednesday, we were lucky enough to have an Oxbridge alumni – James Walker to come over and talk to us form 5s about the procedures to apply for universities which included completing our UCAS forms, personal statements and attending interviews. He also informed us of the different aspects of studying in an Oxbridge University such as expectations/requirements, responsibilities, and whether or not it was the right choice for us. Prior to this talk, I always had the idea that Oxbridge universities had high expectations, for all students to be the same and a place of all work and no play. However Mr. Walker made me realize that they were looking for unique individuals who would work well together in a team and would manage to take on challenges and the intensity of the program. Although I see this as a very hard goal to reach, he made all believe that every single one of us had the qualities of an Oxbridge student.

Straight after the talk, many speakers from some of the top universities including LSE, University of Warwick, University of Birmingham, UCL, Imperial, King’s College etc and jobs (engineering, medicine, law, architecture, marketing, journalism etc). They too gave us an insight of what it would be like to study or work there, they talked about the challenges we might face and also introduced us to their own unique system.

Overall, these talks gave me a clearer image of what I am aiming to achieve in the near future and realise how hard I have to work in order to reach my goals. They were all very interesting and gave me determination and motivation to strive for the best. I particularly found the barrister talk by Anne Barnes extremely helpful, as she gave me a better understanding of the day in life of a lawyer as well as what kind of degree I need in order to become a successful barrister.

Brandy Chu F5