SPORTS REPORT: 25/09/19 (U16 Girls Basketball)

Concord College 16 & under Girls vs. Thomas Telford – Score: 35-12 Win

Team List: Merissa, Myrtle, Tiffany, Yumiko, Thasya, Tanya, Aerin, Wiroyo, Liza, Gaby, Jia and Sophia.

On Wednesday 25th September, the U16 girls’ basketball team travelled to Thomas Telford for a friendly game. This was our first match of the season in which the girls performed brilliantly displaying team work and rigour. We were happy to come back with a comfortable win of 35-12, which was rewarded by a pit stop at KFC! The starting five of the first quarter consisted of Thasya, Myrtle, Tanya, Liza and Merissa, where they scored consistent lay ups and elbow shots giving a comfortable lead of 8-2. The girls’ fitness and communication skills were put to test when they defended man to man running up and down the court with the opposing team.

As we progressed to the second quarter, Winona, Aerin, Tiffany and Yumiko were subbed on in, showing strong skills of both defence and offense bringing the score up to 15-4. Lots of resilience was displayed by the girls, despite being up against the strong Telford girls. This was impressive as it was the first time a few of the team members had ever played in a game. At the start of the second half, our senior players Sophia, Gaby and Jia were subbed on leading our junior players into a more intense half. Team work was once again displayed, and many beautiful shots were scored bringing us up to our final score of 35-12. We look forward to having more games and matches against other schools in the future as we truly enjoy our basketball.

Basketball Review – Our First Game


Tuesday October 10th 2017 – this marked the first basketball game of the season for the Concord College U16’s team… And to be completely honest, I thought we played amazing; not only did we pass the ball well, but we also somehow managed to only narrowly lose by 7 points (The final score was 29-36).

By the end of this day we had a few people who weren’t happy, but as a seasoned veteran of this sport (not really!), I told them all that hanging their heads down wouldn’t help us win and that the reason why we lost was that we didn’t train hard enough. Moreover, although we didn’t win, we learned a valuable lesson – that is “don’t expect to win your first game: trust me, you won’t.” To be truthful, I can really see the potential of the team and how our roles fit really well together. I believe that we have a good chance of becoming one of the best teams in the area.

I can say this… as individuals, we may not be the best, but our team strengths legitimately cover our weaknesses.

Felix – F4