Liverpool Art Trip

In my childhood, the finest artists in my class were always the ones who excelled in copying artwork with vibrant and eye-catching colours, and I believed that until I went on this art trip.

The Tate art gallery has all sorts of contemporary and modern artwork that I simply didn’t understand, initially. Unlike the conventional art galleries, a variety of artwork from different times and cultures was introduced thoroughly with enthusiasm by the staff in Tate Liverpool, which was really kind of them and interesting to learn about. And, thanks to them, I started to understand the fact that every piece of artwork has its own cultural, historic and emotional importance.

One of my favourite pieces mocked ideas of racism and hierarchy and was very thought-provoking. Although not always typically regarded as “pretty” or perhaps colourful and appealing, a lot of artwork there was more intriguing than what I was doing, simply copying pieces.

To sum up, the trip to Liverpool was inspiring, unique and well worth attending.

Maggie – F5