SPORTS REPORT: U16 County Netball Tournament

Team List: Karina (Captain), Carissa,  Eve,  Mimi,  Aimee, Flori, Izzy, Georgia.

In our first game we were playing Thomas Telford. We were doing quite well in the first half so by half time the score was already 3-1 to us. In the second half we managed to get into space really well and marked tightly, but some of our passes weren’t very accurate and we made a couple of silly mistakes because we were rushing. But despite those little mistakes, we still won 5-2.

-By Flori

Our second match was against Oldbury Wells. Starting off strong we made some interesting passes and we were working together well as a team. The footwork was good and the shooters’ movement within the D was working well.

This resulted in a 4-3 lead at half time! They were finding us a tough team to beat.

The second half however, we started to become more tired. We still spaced out and worked well together as a team and fought for the win. All in all, we played extremely well and ended with W’s all round with an 8-6 goal difference.

-By Carissa

Our 3rd match was against Ludlow. We had a strong start with good passes and strong forward movement. We made the right runs and passed forward, which was what we were working on during practices. Despite their efforts of trying to bring the score back, we ended the first half with a leading score of 4-2. In the second half, we slowed down as most of us were fatiguing, but we kept going. This proved to us that we needed to work more on our fitness, but our perseverance was great. In this half we got in 3 more shots and conceded just 1, ending the game in a fantastic score of 7-3.

-By Mimi

Playing Bridgnorth Endowed was quite hard as we were all tired and they had amazing defenders. We still managed to get a few shots in, resulting in us getting half the goals that they had. We played very well considering this was one of the first times that we had played as a team. In the first half, they were 2-3 up and we thought we could pull it back, but in the second half, they sadly made their standards higher. The game ended 8-4 to them.

-By Izzy

Our last match was against Idsall. This was our third match in the row, so we were a bit tired and despite our best efforts, we lost the first half 2-6. The Idsall attacking and defensive sides were equally very strong and they hadn’t had a match immediately before, so were fresh. Unfortunately, we lost this game 4-12.

-By Eve