October Half Term

There are many activities run by the school for boarders during half term, which are perhaps difficult for Day students to attend – particularly during a pandemic, leaving them with 9 days to do something they like.

We undertook a Lower School survey just before half term asking students what they will most likely be doing during the holiday, and most of them replied with the stereotypical answers of sleep or relax. But after weeks of tiring and busy schedules during the start of the academic year, students certainly deserve a half term where they can take a mental and physical break, which is what half term might be about for many people. For others, half term might be an opportunity for a short trip, domestic or international, to leave school behind, or for some, it might be a chance to take part in the action-packed activities programme here on campus, or time to catch up on prep/revision, readying themselves for the rest of the term to come.

Remember, it’s all about balance.

Parshva – F4