My experience of House Arts

On the 1st February, there was an annual event held at Concord College – House Arts. This year, the theme for the show was ‘embracing changes’. Most members, especially the Sixth Form Prefects, had dedicated much time to the show, which had turned out to be stunningly excellent.

For me, in my first year at Concord, I joined in with one of the four categories, House Song. Our House Prefects worked very hard to put the chosen songs together and designed the movement and choreography for each sentence. It was a long process from 0 to 1. Remembering the lyrics and the tone was the first step. The group gradually got bigger and bigger, and by the third meeting in our preparation, we almost had everyone from our house turn up. At this point, most people were already able to sing without hesitating. The Prefects then added the harmony sung by six people in the group, just as they say, ‘it is not very difficult to get from 1 to 2.’

Although there were only two weeks for the group to practice, every member had been concentrated and inclusive; we cooperated with each other quite well and managed to get through all the difficulties in the practices, such as unmatched movements, singing beats and off-key tone.

During the lengthy time of practice, it was a good chance to interact with new people and learn new skills. Concord’s House Arts is a way of bringing people together and enabling them to become more comprehensive collectively.

Haowen – F4