BTEC Music Charity Concert

The second BTEC music charity concert of the year was held on 12 March; although the school is looking quieter than normal due to some students going back for Easter, it was an amazing show still.

The concert is for raising money for Soil of Amhara, a charity that aims to help the most disadvantaged children in Lalibela, Ethiopia, so, all of the money is going to good cause. I was fortunate enough to be the compere of the night, together with Izzy Outram. We had an amazing audience, cheering for the performers, even when there were some awkward technical errors, they still made the performers feel loved. And also, a big thank you for standing my terrible jokes on the night. (I get it, they’re bad)

The night was filled with so much diversity as well; we had band performances, then solo singers, piano duets, orchestral groups, dance groups, and even a Kung Fu performance. Everyone was so well-practiced and incredible. I must say the success of the show must be down to our music teacher, Miss Perrins, the technical staff, and the BTEC students. Hopefully, for any students who are leaving school soon, this will put them in high spirits before preparing for their End of Term Exams at home.

Kenneth – F5