Art trip to Liverpool

For a day, the F5, 6.1, and 6.2 art students got a chance to take a trip to Liverpool to experience two art museums – The Walker Art Gallery and the Tate, both vastly different from one another in terms of catalogue, but equally as inspiring and interesting. After a nearly 2-hour bus trip, we found ourselves in the Walker Art Gallery, home to a varied collection of sculptures and paintings painted across over 3 centuries, from the Romantics to the Impressionists to the Neo-Classics. That doesn’t even begin to cover the array of historic artefacts it housed, each with its own story, offering a glimpse into life in the past. We spent the second half of the day in the Tate Liverpool, comparatively more modern despite its historic neighbours, namely the Albert Dock. The collection offered a wider range of mediums, stretching out to different types of film or photography, or even installations of various curious items. The scale of some of these pieces was astounding, having personally seen them when researching online beforehand, the digital images paling in comparison to the viewing the gallery in person. In addition to the usual gallery, there was also an exhibition dedicated to the renowned JMW Turner, also known as the ‘painter of light’ for his use of colour, composition, and texture in creating highly expressive pieces, his ability to capture the likeness of scene through a few strokes of colour especially impressive to me. All in all, it was undoubtedly a highly insightful opportunity for all of us to experience, and it certainly inspired many young artists with the creativity, personality, and message of each piece.

Justine F5