A new experience at Concord

From the moment I arrived, I felt different than I had anticipated. Everything wasn’t what I expected. The first two weeks were hard… I had to make friends and catch up with studies.

The weather is much cooler than Israel, but the people here – a lot of people from other nations in one place – make it feel like home and make me feel much better. I slowly ‘got my name out there’… I made friends, I started getting used to the buildings and the classes, and the atmosphere here is great – both socially and the weather isn’t bad!

Saturday tests are difficult, but I’m trying my best! Who knows? Maybe in the future I will be one of the smartest in my set and will move sets and prove myself.

The Monitors and House Captains explained ‘House Events’ to me. I really hope I can help ‘carry my team’ – even when the House Captain is not here. Concord is much more wonderful – and indeed special – than I thought it would be, and I know I will have lots of fun here and learn to succeed!

Noam – F5


Hi, I’m Daria and I’m a new student at Concord college. This is my first year at a boarding school in a foreign country, and until now, my experience here has been delightful.

It has been a month since I arrived on campus, which quickly ran by and felt more like a week. To be honest, at first, I was extremely nervous to move countries and systems. It was a complete change of lifestyle. Back at home, I went to the same school for twelve years, and never changed my habits… which is why it was time to make some adjustments.

The trip was long and stressful because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the college handled everything calmly and professionally, by taking all the precautionary and supportive measures needed.

On my first day, I was lucky to meet all the girls in my house, who were my neighbours and became my friends. The quarantine period was strange but pretty fun too. Even though we had to predominantly stay in our rooms for two weeks, we had small activities online to communicate with friends and online lessons to keep us busy. The staff and teachers are very pleasant and nice. The students are also very welcoming; I learned that by getting lost a couple of times on campus, and people really helped me to find my classes every time.

Currently, we’re back to in-class lessons, wearing masks, disinfecting tables, hands, and doing everything to minimise the risk of the virus being spread. My experience until now has been fascinating, and I’m looking forward to my future at Concord.

Daria – F5