September 2022

September Activities 

British Day (by Ethan) 

British Day took place on 17th Sep; it has been an annual Concord tradition for years. Dodgems, shooting booths, ice cream, and with the addition of a neon-lit Ferris wheel this year…. you name it! However, upon the recent passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, flags were lowered, the music was quieter, and the fun remained with weight of certain hollowness. As Dr Truss said, we shouldn’t remember what, but rather who the Queen was. 

Colour Run (by Betty) 

Doing the colour run again with my friends was delightfully fresh after 2 years of COVID shortcomings. It was really fun going around and just laughing while getting covered in colour from head to toe. We looked like tie-dye Teletubbies – even my hair had multiple colours! The water slide at the end was tragi-comedic (we did get very wet) but it was fascinating to see the colours blend because of the water. Overall, it was a wonderful experience to share and a memory to remind me every time I pass by the fields behind the Morris Building. 


Canoe Trip (by Jenny) 

Form 5s enjoyed their time with their respective tutor groups canoeing along the River Severn on 24th and 25th this month. Despite the chilly weather in the morning, canoeing with friends was definitely an unforgettable experience for everyone. 

I canoed along River Severn with my tutor group, and I was on the same canoe with my two other friends, Valentina and Jocelyn. Initially, we thought it would be a really strenuous task for the three of us to canoe for hours and hours, but actually we had great fun chatting and singing songs while paddling. I did the steering for our canoe at the back. At first it was quite hard to control the directions so unfortunately, we kept crashing into bushes. As time went on, I soon mastered the steering skills, and we could finally sail smoothly. Along the way, we waved at the pedestrians who were strolling on the riverbank and raced with others in our tutor group (whom might have also been splashed). All in all, it was an exciting and refreshing activity for us to be able to catch up with our friends after summer and enjoy ourselves amidst this busy school year.