2020 House Cross Country

House Cross Country is a tradition at Concord College where the four houses all try their best in a local run and compete with each other to win the first place! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many fun house events have been cancelled which made this year’s cross country even more special, since it was the very first full house event in this academic year! Many students participated in this vital school event and finished the competition even though the weather was freezing cold and the road was muddy! All houses did really well and of course, a huge congratulations to Gandhi who won the overall competition! Now, let’s hear about some reflections from teachers, monitors and students…


House Cross Country is unique among the House Sports events as it does not rely on the House having a few star performers, but rather counts the effort of everyone in the House and so is my favourite event.  It is also beautifully simple; turn up on a sunny afternoon in October, Mr Canney starts everyone off, students and some staff make their way around the course, results are recorded and Dr Outram’s spreadsheet announces that Gandhi are the winners, again. Much excitement ensues, I skip around the Gandhi form rooms for a few days praising the students telling them how proud I am and allowing them a few moments with their trophy.

Mr Weaver (Head of Gandhi)

Hello everyone, I am the Mandela House Captain for this year. We just had our first event, which was the House Cross Country competition. Of course, we didn’t achieve victory, neither 2nd nor 3rd place, but this is just the start. I have big ambitions for our house, and I believe we can do it! Also, it was quite a unique and interesting experience as this was my first event as a House Captain. I can say that I was delighted when I saw all the Mandelians take over their opponents in the last second and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated. It was a brilliant event and we have reflected from it. And now, it’s time for us to look forward to the future events and we are determined to do better!

Bee (House Captain of Mandela)

The feeling of being in such place as Concord College is very exciting! I didn’t understand clearly when everybody told me about the house events, yet when the first house event “Cross Country” began, I felt a critical feeling of excitement. As a new student, nobody knew how I felt, everyone had done a house event before, unlike the other new students. Although my house captain wasn’t there to ‘up the atmosphere’ to everyone in Teresa, I had to show that I was willing to try my best at helping to bring victory to my house. I came first from the boys F5 race and second of the overall F5 (good job to Beth, who came the first!). But, although we came 3rd overall, I knew we could have done better. But still, we did a great job and I’m really proud of my house!

Noam (Form 5 student in Teresa)