y excursiones

We have many excursions during the summer courses. Every week there are two trips for all students to enjoy along with additional optional trips that students can sign up for. These trips can be to local towns, cities or places of interest.

On Wednesday afternoons there is a half day excursion to the local towns of Shrewsbury or Telford. At the weekend the students attend a full day excursion to places such as Bath, Cardiff, Chester, Liverpool or Nottingham. The locations of our excursions may change throughout the course in response to information shared by our national security forces.

There are various additional optional trips arranged such as a visit to the university cities of Cambridge or Oxford or William Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-Upon-Avon. All students enjoy a full day at a Theme Park such as Alton Towers or Drayton Manor.  We also arrange optional theatre trips, museum visits and heritage trips for example to Severn Valley Railway.

During our excursions, student safety and well being is a priority. All students are supervised on the coach journey to and from all places being visited. All students under 14 years of age will be supervised by our staff. Students aged 14 can opt in to be supervised. A discretionary decision will be made by the Course Director for students aged 13-14 whose parents request for them to be unsupervised. There will always be a member of staff available at a meeting point in the place being visited and students are given the contact numbers of the staff accompanying the excursion. Students are told that they must always stay in a group and are given maps of the place being visited.

Students may walk around the place being visited in a group of friends without a member of staff only if written consent is given by a parent or guardian on our Supervision Requirement form.

These optional excursions will incur an extra cost and for 2016, these costs were:

Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour £45.00
Cardiff City £15.00
Oxford £15.00