Entry to Concord College is highly competitive.  Almost invariably, students will sit for at least one set of pre-tests prior to being offered a place to study at Concord.

Concord’s entry tests for boarding students are hosted via the Mercer|Mettl Exam Platform.  The Mettl Secure Browser will enable the college to host the entry tests in a safe environment whilst a member of the college team continually monitors the live webcam feed and screen recording.  The entrance tests can be taken either within the student’s home or at the office of their educational agent and will be scheduled throughout the year by the college.  Students will need access to a computer or laptop with internet access and a webcam.  The tests taken will depend on the student’s chosen A level/GCSE subjects and may include Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities.  In total, the tests will take approximately two and a half hours.

If you wish your child to be considered for a boarding place at Concord College, your child will be required to sit this test as part of our admissions process.

On occasion, the tests may be followed up by further testing at the college to enable a decision on the application to be made.

Any significant anomaly between performance in the pre-tests and in a student’s academic performance when they arrive at Concord will be quickly highlighted and raised as an issue of concern with parents.  Under certain circumstances – if malpractice is considered likely – a student who is unable to access education here at Concord in spite of strong online test results, will be required to leave.