Student Admissions & Fees

Day students are welcome at Concord and form an important part of the college community.

Day students can apply for entry to Form 3 (Year 9), Form 4 (Year 10) or the Sixth Form (Year 12).  Fees for the academic year 2023/24 will be £6,100 per term (£18,300 per annum).

Needs Blind Admissions Policy for Day Students

What is it?

Our aim is that the best day students have the chance to attend Concord irrespective of their family’s financial situation.

In essence, this means that if a day student is awarded a place at Concord this will be irrespective of their ability to pay. Only after the place has been awarded will the question of fees be raised. If a family is not in a position to be able to afford the fees, then the College will assist in finding the necessary funds.

Who is it for?

We are looking for up to 10 students each year to take advantage of this opportunity. It will suit young people who are serious about their studies and who are ambitious in their goals.

Admission will be considered at Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12 (Sixth Form) level.


(1) Concord is committed to providing high quality education with genuine academic rigour to students who are able to gain the greatest benefit from it, irrespective of the family’s ability to pay.

(2) The presence of intelligent and articulate British students further enriches the diversity of the Concord community.

(3) Individual Shropshire students can learn a great deal from students from around the world at Concord.

(4) Students from around the world can learn a great deal from their British friends.

(5) Concord is committed to providing public benefit to able students from the Shropshire community


We will look at a number of different things when making the decision about whether to offer any student a place at Concord.

(1) Does the student really want to attend the College?

(2) Are they ambitious in their goals and open in their outlook?

(3) Do they have a good academic record (school reports etc)?

(4) In addition, what other qualities are they able to bring to the College community?

(5) Will their personality allow them to fit into the Concord community?


(1) Parents should make contact with the College by phone or e-mail and set up an appointment for a visit. This might also involve the student undertaking a ‘taster day’ and spending a ‘normal’ day at Concord, attending lessons and being mentored by an existing student.

(2) Once parents and the pupil are sure they wish to go ahead with the process then an application form and supporting papers should be submitted.

(3) The student will then be asked into Concord for formal testing and an interview.

(4) A decision will then be made whether to offer the student a place.

(5) Only at the stage when a place has been offered and accepted will the ability to pay formally be mentioned. At this stage, parents will be asked whether they need assistance in paying the fees. If parents feel that they do need assistance, then they will be required to complete a number of forms in order to allow the College to assess need. Assistance will be provided according to a sliding scale and could mean that a family will pay no fees at all during their time at the College.

(6) Such awards will be reviewed annually to take account of changing family circumstances.

Of course, parents may choose to withdraw their child at any point in the process.