What is the application process for joining Concord?

To apply to join Concord College students should submit the relevant application form and registration fee along with two years of school reports and include any other information that might be helpful, along with a copy of their passport.  The student will then be required to sit online entry tests or tests at the college and may be required to attend an interview.  Standards are high and competition for places is intense.  For entry to Years 9 and 10 (Form 3 and Form 4) we expect students to be able to have a strong chance of achieving A* (8s and 9s) or A (7s) grades in a wide range of GCSE Level subjects.  For entry to Year 12 we expect students to have the potential/ability to achieve A*, A or B grades in their A Level subjects.

What happens as the time gets closer to when my child is joining the School?

Eight months prior to your child’s entry date you will receive an invoice for the first half year’s fees.  Subsequent invoices are issued each December and June. Four months prior to the entry date you will be sent an enrolment pack which will contain details of term dates, airport transfers, College information and a number of parental consent forms for you to complete and return to the college. Three months prior to the entry date you will be sent a CAS statement which will enable you to apply for your child’s visa.

What Scholarships does Concord offer and how do we apply?

A number of Scholarships exist for the most able students. Please click here to read more information about the financial awards available to students joining the Sixth Form and the Lower School.

What are means tested bursaries?

Bursaries are available to assist parents on lower incomes who wish to send their child to the College.  They are also available to parents whose financial circumstances change while they have a child at the College.  Bursaries are ‘means-tested’ and parents will be required to complete a detailed form in support of their application.  Please apply to the College if you require further information regarding bursaries.

What are the College’s Fees?

Our current boarding fees can be found here on our website and our current day student fees can be found on our website.

When are fees due?

Boarding fees are payable on a twice yearly basis in advance.  Initial invoices are due three months prior to the entry date and subsequent invoices are issued each December and June. Once the offer of a place has been made, a deposit must be sent to the College to reserve this place. Deposits vary depending on the status of the child and details can be obtained from the Admissions Secretary.  Deposits will be retained by the College and credited without interest to the final account when the child leaves the school.  They are normally non-refundable if the student withdraws having held a place that could have been given to another student.

What are the College term dates?

Details of our term dates can be found on our website.

At what stage can my child enter Concord College?

Entry takes place into Year 9 (Form 3) for students aged 13 to 14 years, Year 10 (Form 4) for students aged 14 to 15 years or Year 12 (Sixth Form) for students aged 16+.

Do you offer shorter courses?

Students may apply to study for the autumn term only, i.e. September to December.  The application process is the same as in point one above, however students should indicate on their application that they wish to study for one term only