Concord’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is an important addition to the learning facilities available to students.

Each academic department has a dedicated section on the VLE in which they make resources and exercises available to students.  These teacher-designed resources range from teaching notes to presentations and from videos to exam papers.  It is also used by teachers to set prep and is particularly useful for interactive tasks. The VLE is accessible to students at all times and forms a very useful bespoke addition to learning resources at Concord.

The VLE is also used to allow effective communication between students and staff at key times.  For instance, when students are writing their personal statements for UCAS, teachers and tutors are able to comment ‘in real time’ on the student’s draft statement and to suggest additions and amendments.  This is just one of the many ways in which the VLE proves so invaluable.

Clubs and societies are also able to make use of the VLE to publicise their activities and to share useful resources and information.

Finally, students joining the sixth form are given access to aspects of the VLE prior to arrival to enable them to prepare for their arrival in Concord’s highly academic environment.