Concord’s computer network is highly developed.  All classrooms have connectivity and interactive whiteboards as required.  There is a wireless network around the school (in public spaces, classrooms and all boarding houses), as well as over 400 hard-wired work stations.  This enables students to access the college network, Concord’s VLE and the internet from computers, tablets and phones around the College.  This enables research, production of assignments and easy communication, all of which are an important expectation for any Concord student.

While a highly developed technological environment is an important element of education and life at Concord, there is an expectation that students will self-regulate in their use of such facilities.  In addition to key rules on usage (for instance, no gaming during the school day) Concord has a robust firewall, students sign a code of conduct for internet use and access to the internet is not permitted through the College network between 12 midnight and 6am to encourage students to sleep well each night.  If we have concerns about student ‘over-dependence’ on ‘computer technology’ then steps will be taken and parents informed.