History is taught within the Humanities Department at Concord. It is offered to all years. Three enthusiastic teachers and careful choice of content give the students the opportunity to develop high-level skills and gain understanding of a broad range of history. The subject is taken by most students in Form 3 (Year 9) dependent upon their level of English. History is a popular subject for Form 4-5 students (Years 10-11) with over 30 students taking the IGCSE Modern History course. The Department offers AS Level History and A Level History for those students wishing to pursue PPE, Humanities. Law, or Social Sciences at University. In 2019-2020, the History Department AS Level results were 100% A; while the A Level results were 84% A*-A, and 100% A*-B.

In Forms 4-5 (Years 10-11) the Cambridge IGCSE History syllabus looks at some of the major international issues of the twentieth century, as well as covering the history of regions such as Germany in more depth. The emphasis is on both historical knowledge and on the skills required for historical research. The IGCSE History exam consists of three exam papers: Paper 1 on International Relations 1919-1990; Paper 2 on Source Analysis; and Paper 4 is a Depth Study on Germany 1919-1945 that focuses on Significance. Learners develop an understanding of the nature of cause and effect, continuity and change, similarity and difference and find out how to use and understand historical evidence as part of their studies. IGCSE History provides the analytical and essay-writing skills can facilitate students’ performance in A Level courses such as Economics, History; English Literature; Modern Languages, English Language, and Politics.

In the Sixth Form, History students complete the Cambridge International AS & A Level History 9489 examination by studying four units. Units 1 and 2 are taken at AS level and will be focused on the American option: The history of the USA, 1820–1941. Students’ will be examined on their source analysis and essay writing skills at the end of 6.1 and this will make up 40% of their final A Level grade.

Units 3 and 4 are taken in 6.2 and are examined in the Summer of 6.2 They make up 60% of final A Level grade. Unit 3 is an interpretation paper, in which students will learn to analyse and compare historical interpretations on Topic 3: The origins and development of the Cold War. Unit 4 is a depth study option. Candidates will study Depth Study 2 (American Option: The USA, 1944–92) or subject to availability* Depth Study 3 ( International history, 1945–92).The subject content in History is further enriched by visiting speakers, educational visits and a library of audio-visual material.

For more information on CIE: https://www.cambridgeinternational.org/Images/502955-2021-2023-syllabus.pdf

A Level History develops crucial skills in source analysis, explanation and argumentation, experience analysing quantitative and qualitative data; and independent research. Concord History students have gained places at Oxbridge as well as Russell Group universities. ​The recent degree applications by Concord students with History as an A Level are:​ Law – Oxford​; Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) – Oxford; The Human, Social, and Political Science (HSPS) – Cambridge​; English – Cambridge, UCL​; Philosophy and Economics -LSE​; Economics or Land Economy – UCL; LSE​; International Relations – LSE​; History- Cambridge; Leeds​; Education- Cambridge; UCL​. Many A Level History student have also successfully applied to top universities for Politics, Humanities, Human, Social and Political Science, International Relations, Law,  Economics, Asian Studies, Education, and English Literature/Language.