Geography is taught within the Humanities Department at Concord. There are four Geography teachers. In Form 3 (Year 9) all students study Geography and the selected mixture of physical and human geography topics are designed to develop both skills and understanding, as well as developing enjoyment of the subject.

At GCSE level the Cambridge IGCSE course is consistently one of the most popular GCSE options at Concord. The course covers both physical and human geography topics. It is fast-paced and the internationally themed case studies provide students with a much greater understanding of the world around them, as well as providing an excellent foundation for the study of Geography at A-level.

In the sixth form students opting for geography study the AQA Exam Board A-level Geography course. This covers a wide range of geographical topics (Dynamic Landscapes, Dynamic Places Physical Systems and Sustainability, Human Systems and Geopolitics, Global Challenges) as well as an investigation module. The AS Geography exam is taken at the end of the first year of the course. The A-level Geography course is rigorous and challenging, but has received excellent satisfaction ratings from past students who have clearly enjoyed studying the subject. It develops a wide range of skills and is highly regarded by universities.

Fieldwork is viewed as an essential part of Geography at Concord, and both compulsory and voluntary fieldwork trips are organised by our enthusiastic teaching staff. As well as visiting the local area, which offers a wealth of Geographical fieldwork opportunities, recent past trips have also gone further afield, including several visits to Iceland.