& Security

Overall, it is our aim to ensure that students feel safe and secure. Student safety and safeguarding are our highest priority.

This is a critical element of any boarding school education. But it also helps to ensure that parents – who are trusting Concord with their much-loved child – can sleep easily in the beds knowing their son or daughter is in caring and responsible hands.

Concord has a Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (see Policies page) which is in line with UK statutory guidance and is reviewed regularly. All matters related to safeguarding are overseen by the Vice Principal Pastoral who is also the Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Safety is a key element of life for students at Concord.  We have a large number of senior staff, teachers and support staff living in and around the campus.  We have teams of night staff (both female and male) who patrol the campus through the night to ensure that students have a wakeful point of contact at all times.

On arrival at Concord all students are issued with electronic ID badges which they are required to wear at all times during the school day. These are also used for electronic registrations for each lesson and at other key points during the day and at weekends to ensure that students can be located quickly if necessary.

We extend a warm welcome to all visitors and recognise that our campus is home for both boarding students as well as resident staff and their families. However, security measures are vital to protect everyone and safeguarding current students from harm must be the priority when controlling access to the campus for visitors. Our security team will check all visitors arriving at the main gate to the College and all visitors are expected to adhere to our Procedure for Visitors to ensure that the campus is a safe and secure environment for all students to live and study.

We also have an elaborate CCTV network and electronic security of all doors to ensure that students are kept as safe as is reasonably possible.  In their individual lockable study bed rooms students also have a safe in which they can store their most important valuables.  All activities in which students are involved are assessed to ensure and all reasonable steps taken to ensure the safety of the students concerned.