It is expected that Concord College students will be in sympathy with the culture and ethos of the College as defined by the Ethos and Aims of the College and by the expectations set out below.

Concord College students are expected to be self-motivated and to be self-disciplined.  All students are expected to make the most of their ability and to contribute to the happiness and well-being of the College community by supporting others.  They are also expected to live up to the high standards demanded by College staff. It is expected that Concord students will treat others in the way that they would wish to be treated themselves.

Promotion from one academic year to the next is not automatic. The College reserves the right not to allow promotion from one academic year to the next. This might arise where the teaching staff conclude that a student – for a variety of reasons – is making inadequate progress and is unlikely to be able to cope with further study in the year above. Although this is a difficult and sad decision to make, there are times when a student is intellectually or behaviourally unsuited to the environment at Concord College. At this stage the student might be asked to leave or it may be suggested that the student repeats the academic year in the same year group. The option selected by the College will depend on whether it is felt that the student is likely to benefit and progress during another year at the College. If the student is asked to leave then suggestions of alternative colleges and courses will be made. Support will also be given with references.

In addition to the above, there are certain College key rules that should be drawn to the attention of all prospective students and their parents (the full rules of the College are published separately).  The breaking of any of these key rules is taken very seriously.

  1. Any student found to possess or have used illegal drugs (under UK law) will be expelled.  Drug testing is used if a member of staff has cause for concern.  If a student refuses to undertake such a test then they are likely to have to leave Concord.
  2. Bullying in any form is not tolerated.
  3. Any student caught fighting or stealing is likely to be asked to leave. 
  4. Under no circumstances should a boy enter a girls’ accommodation block or a girl enter a boys’ accommodation block. Breaking this rule will normally lead to the student being asked to leave.
  5. Students are not permitted to smoke in College buildings or in the College grounds. 
  6. Students are not allowed alcohol on the College campus.  Students caught under the influence or in possession of spirits will be suspended.  A second offence is likely to lead to a student being asked to leave the College.  Breath testing is used if a member of staff has cause for concern. 
  7. Students are not allowed to possess any weapon that could cause harm.
  8. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a way that will not bring the College into disrepute, either in the locality of Concord, the town of Shrewsbury or elsewhere.
  9. Any breaches of UK law are likely to lead to the local police being contacted.
  10. Students are expected to be punctual and regular in their attendance at lessons.  Students are expected to be on campus, except on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons or if they have been granted an exeat.

These rules and expectations apply during College terms and during the holiday periods if students are staying at the College.

Read the complete list of  Concord College rules here.

Mr Neil Hawkins, Principal, updated September 2020