Life at a campus boarding school can be a lot of fun.  As one parent commented: ‘my child doesn’t want to be anywhere else – her friends are there and there is always something to do.’

The college becomes much more than just a school, but also a surrogate home.  There is potential to study hard, but also to play hard and to make use of the very many facilities that Concord has to offer.  There is a vast array of activities, clubs and societies available at Concord as well as opportunities for rest and relaxation around the school and in the boarding residences. All of this is within a walk or a short-cycle ride for students meaning that they are able to make best use of their time within a safe and healthy environment.

Boarding at Concord often leads students to forge friendships that can last a lifetime.  You share so much with your peers and get to know them better than anyone outside your own family: it is this sharing of the experience of boarding life and of growing through the teenage years together that makes friendship and bonds that can last a lifetime.

Another real benefit of boarding life at Concord is the sense that in joining Concord you are joining a special community based on the campus.  Students and staff live alongside each other in an atmosphere of mutual respect and learn from each other in this safe and beautiful environment.  In addition to the Boarding Parents, a large number of senior staff live in and around the campus.  The community is a warm and welcoming place.