Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation

‘We who have benefited pass on the gift.’

The Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation aims to raise funds to enable young people to attend Concord whose families might not otherwise be able to afford the fees.

Concord College currently already gives scholarships to able students in financial need or to those whose academic ability is truly exceptional.  One such student wrote:

“I am an avid believer that miracles do happen. This scholarship has not only given me opportunities and experiences but also developed me as a human being. I am who I am today because of the generosity of Concord College: I have become a confident young adult with specific aims and goals in life.   I have also made some great friends with whom I will stay in touch for the rest of my life.”

Our goal through the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation is to develop a scholarship programme that will provide a growing number of awards each year.

It is hoped that such scholars will thrive as individuals at Concord and that they will also bring great credit to Concord by setting an outstanding example to those around them.

Mr Anthony Morris

Mr Morris worked at Concord College for forty years and was Principal from 1975 to 2005.  Mr Morris was a man of huge warmth, expertise and experience whose passion for Concord was extraordinary.  During his time at Concord the school developed enormously becoming internationally recognised for high standards and for its friendly welcoming atmosphere.

In recognition of Mr Morris’ amazing contribution to Concord this Foundation has been established in his name.  It is our goal that this Foundation will change the lives of young people.

Watch a video message from Mr Morris here.

What can you do?

Please consider making a contribution to the Concord College Anthony Morris Foundation.  By contributing to the Foundation you will be helping to ensure that Concord continues to flourish in the years ahead.  Most importantly, your contribution will bring benefit to an individual student by giving them access to Concord and – hopefully – to a place at a leading university in the future.

Ultimately, our personal legacy is through our family but our social legacy is how we give to the society of which we are a part.  We hope that you will feel moved and inspired to make a donation to the Concord Foundation and to support its goal of giving more students access to a Concord education.

Read more about why some of the Founder Donors have donated to the Foundation here.

Making a donation

You can make a donation online using our online payment system.

If you would prefer to make a donation by bank transfer (or cheque) please contact for more information.

For information

The Foundation takes the form of a restricted fund within Concord College’s existing charitable structure and will be represented in Concord’s annual accounts.  Any funds given to the Anthony Morris Scholarship Foundation can and will only be used for the provision of Anthony Morris Scholarships for those judged to be worthy of the award.

Scholarships are awarded by the Principal of Concord with reference to Concord’s existing Admissions Policy and in consultation with the Board of the Fund.  Criteria for the award relate primarily to academic merit and also to personal integrity, character and family background.   Applications are especially welcomed from the children or friends of Concord alumni. To find out how to apply for an Anthony Morris Scholarship click here.