Concord College?

“It is as near perfect a place as you could want for the student who is …academic. This is where the next generation of global high flyers is being nurtured. If you want your offspring to have a chance in this stratosphere, want them to engage with issues outside the shores of the UK or just want them to make lifelong international friendships, then look at Concord. It is in a league of its own…” Good Schools Guide 2017

Concord is a very special place. It is a school where young people can pursue their studies in an atmosphere where academic success is celebrated. The international mix of students provides a vibrant and varied community with a global perspective in which to study and live. It is also kind, welcoming and friendly: a place where students and staff live in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The outstanding academic achievement of the students is what attracts many parents to Concord but it is the supportive and nurturing community that encourages students to return after they have left.

What the students say:

“Being in Concord is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m really happy to have been able to unlock my full academic potential. I have made lots of friends from all over the world thanks to Concord.”

“Before I came to Concord my horizons were so narrow. I have met a variety of different people from different places and cultures, people who are talented, bright, and they are just amazing and I really enjoy being with them.”

“I love being here! Cannot even imagine my life without it! It is a perfect place for studying and making new friends! Our teachers are just amazing – supportive, kind and helpful.”

“The support from teachers and students definitely helped me reach my maximum academic potential.”

“Concord College has a very friendly atmosphere. The college has enabled me to meet new people from different countries, who eventually became my best friends. The campus and the facilities are fantastic.”

“Concord is awesome, I love it!”

“Though far away from home we are here with family – the coolest friends and the most caring teachers. We feel home as a class, a society, a house, a school.”

What the parents say:

“Anyone visiting the school will see for themselves what a special environment Concord creates. On every level it offers far more than anyone could ever imagine with staff that are real and genuinely care about the students not only educationally but holistically.”

“The high standards of teaching and academic rigour are impressive. The students are kept on their toes and high standards are expected from them.”

“Concord achieves so much more than academic excellence, it creates a real sense of community somewhere where young people can dream, have fun and aspire to become whatever their heart desires with confidence and self-belief. Staff genuinely care and take an interest in the lives of our young people, encouraging kindness and integrity. Concord’s holistic approach, ensures that the students’ well-being is paramount, and offers opportunities to students from a variety of upbringings, without discrimination.”

“Concord’s countryside setting is peaceful and beautiful, lacks distractions and conducive to learning. There is a culture of excellence in teaching and pastoral care.”

“My child signs up for every school trip such as to the zoo, stargazing, Manchester United game and lectures at nearby universities. He is participating in the Duke of Edinburgh awards and has even launched a new charity initiative at school. The school provides ample opportunities for a holistic education. It is up to the children to take advantage of them. My son has grown in self-discipline, leadership and confidence at Concord.”

“The bonds between students that are built in Concord will take the students through the years. Some of my son’s best friendships have been made during his time at Concord.”