‘A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.’  This is the underlying philosophy of sport here at Concord. 

We are keen for students to participate in and to be aware of the vital importance of physical fitness and well-being for a healthy and happy life.  On this basis, all students in Concord are expected to participate in at least one compulsory sports session each week.  For students in the Lower School, there is considerably more.

Recreational sport is very popular.  A wide range of sports are available and two sports halls are open after school and in the evenings seven days/week.  There is a huge range of sporting activity available that includes athletics, archery, badminton, basketball, netball, squash, tennis, trampolining, volleyball, water polo, swimming, uni-hoc, football, weight training and horse riding.  In addition, Concord has a fully equipped gym and dance studio.  Related to this, dance is extremely popular: students enjoy a range of styles from ballet to hip-hop.

Elite sport is also supported at Concord.  The College has a range of competitive sports teams that play against other schools in the local area and – on occasion – on a regional and national level.  We also seek to support talented individuals, sports women and men, who join Concord seeking a highly academic education while continuing with their sports at competitive level elsewhere.  In such cases we provide time for coaching and competition as appropriate as well as support to catch up studies as necessary.

Overall, sport is a very important element of life here at Concord.  We love to see students participate at whatever level is appropriate to them.  It may be instructive to know that well over 85% of the College participated in our latest college Cross Country: this spirit of involvement lies at the heart of Concord sport.



We run both singles and doubles badminton at Concord. This is a very popular activity in Sports Hall 2, which runs daily with racquets and shuttles supplied. Badminton coaching runs on Tuesday evenings, with Mr Heseltine leading fixtures. Fixtures are played in the men’s and ladies’ Shropshire badminton leagues with great success.


We run four basketball teams at Concord: U19/U16 Boys and Girls, and have both indoor and outdoor courts. This is a very popular sport, with weekly training sessions for boys (Monday evenings) and girls (Sunday evenings). We often do well in county competitions and invite every student with an interest to take part!


If you enjoy long distance running, exploring new places and running to compete, cross country could be for you! Cross country running is where competitors race over 4-7km of fields, often including mud, hills, jumps and sometimes a bit of water too. Our cross-country teams are coached by Mr Jones and we regularly enter local fixtures.


Football takes place in all three terms (running September-May.) We have two teams (U16 & U19) and train on Sunday & Wednesday afternoons. Matches are both home and away, which are normally played on Wednesday afternoons.

Indoor futsal also takes place twice weekly in Sports Hall 1. It is a variation of football, played at fast pace and has a need for technical skill. Through this club, we focus on team games, challenges, and mini in-house tournaments.


An exciting and action-packed sport! We begin training early in the Autumn term in preparation for the Shropshire Colleges and Sixth Forms’ Netball leagues. We currently run two teams (U16 and U19) and if league competition isn’t for you, we also play friendly matches! Mrs Robbins is leading the teams for the 2022/2023 season.


Our Tennis Club is for beginners and experts alike, which takes place on our newly-refurbished College tennis courts by Main Hall. We focus on drills and both singles and doubles games. We supply the rackets and balls, so don’t worry about needing to bring anything.


Volleyball is an exciting team-based sport which we play in Sports Hall 1 court space. This is one of our most popular clubs, played several times per week. Practice is based on working towards Inter-College and Inter-House competition.

For those of us just starting the sport, why not visit on Wednesday afternoons for our beginner/intermediate Volleyball Club?


A weekly trip (Wednesday afternoons) during Lower School Sports to Condover Golf Club. We have a professional coach on hand to show you the ropes and to help with perfecting your swing! Who knows, you may be the next Tiger Woods!


Are you a fitness fanatic? We run dedicated fitness classes for students looking to improve their overall fitness. We have classes which specialise in functional strength, toning, endurance, and cardiovascular output. Who doesn’t love to get a sweat on and have fun pushing themselves within a friendly group environment with like-minded people?! Keep an eye on the timetable if you’d like to know more.


Fancy a stretch? This is a relaxing class with a slower pace than our usual, where we focus on mobility and functional stretching. It’s great if you’ve had a long school day and want to feel refreshed! This club is based in the Aerobics Room twice weekly on Monday and Thursday evenings during prep sports.


This technical and speedy game is hosted in Sports Hall 1 and as one of our extracurricular activities. Club members get together for mini tournaments, drills, and friendly games. If you’re the serious player, you can use this time to practice ahead of the county fixtures we arrange later in the academic year.


This is an opportunity for fencers of all abilities to learn new skills and enjoy fencing under the watchful eye of our College instructor, Mr Meynell. The club runs weekly on Wednesday evenings throughout term time.


Girls’ Hockey Club runs during Monday ‘twilights’ in Sports Hall 1. It’s a fun and action-packed session for you to practice your hockey ball handling skills and control indoors. We supply the equipment (including protection) – but we recommend you bring a gumshield if you have one!


Ballet Club runs weekly in the Sports Hall Aerobics Room. With coaching from our ballet instructor, Mrs Roberts you can work towards a group performance and improve your own technical skills. Don’t worry about prior experience, and please come along if you’d like to see what it’s about.


In 2019 we were regular attendees at Wellington Water Polo Club. Our talented students held their own against seasoned veterans during weekly training and regular fixtures. If you and your friends would be interested in this club, please enquire directly with the Sports Department.

*For more information on clubs and times, students can access the weekly sports timetable.