With nearly 500 boarders at Concord there is a lively and active programme of social activities.

Some activities are whole college events, such as the annual Christmas Dinner; others are organised by Boarding Parents for the students in their residence*; some are organised by the prefects or the student led international societies, such as the international food fayre and Lunar New Year celebrations.

The students have access on the campus to two well equipped common rooms, and a student kitchen where they can cook or hold a small party to celebrate special events.  The West End common room has a snack bar which is open after school and in the evenings both during the week and at weekends.  On Saturday evenings the prefects organise a disco in the West End common room where there is a purpose built dance floor.

*Saturday evening activities will be organised for Lower School boarders in Bell or Taylor’s most weekends and although these are not compulsory students are encouraged to take part. For sixth former boarders a termly social event will be arranged in their residence.