Music plays a central role in the creative life of the college and in the cultural and artistic development of all pupils.

A large number of students take individual instrumental lessons each week and are encouraged to prepare for music examinations under the guidance of a highly skilled and inspirational team of instrumental teachers. Lessons are available on all instruments including strings, wind, percussion and voice. Popular music is also well catered for with lessons available on the drum kit, electric guitar and bass.

  • You can download our instrumental lessons application form HERE and the terms and conditions HERE

An even larger number of students take part in extra-curricular music and ensemble music making. For example there is a choir, a chamber orchestra, a wind ensemble, a jazz ensemble, band coaching club, Samba band, a string ensemble and a music technology club. Examples of their work are featured regularly in our annual calendar of music events and concerts.

  • You can download our annual calendar of music events HERE  

Gifted musicians also feature prominently in the college’s concert calendar and are often seen leading their own ensembles. In addition, our most talented musicians are encouraged to enter for national and local competitions with often successful results.

The department is committed to nurturing a love for music in every student whether as a performer, composer or listener. Trips to concerts and shows as well as specialist music workshops are regularly organised, aiming to provide students with an opportunity to experience live music outside the classroom. Students and staff also have the opportunity to experience live music of the highest standard in our own theatre by attending concerts given by internationally acclaimed artists and ensembles.