Curricular FAQs

What clubs and societies are there for pupils to be involved with?

Concord College offers a wide range of extra-curricular enrichment activities that students may choose to participate in. These include musical activities such as the choir, orchestra, jazz group and samba drums band, and sporting activities such as archery, badminton, basketball, football and netball. The students can help the community through the Outreach or Eco clubs. They can enjoy horse-riding, play chess, learn to cook, discuss philosophy, take part in debates, speak Japanese or write computer programs, and many activities besides these.

Are pupils able to do all the levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at Concord?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award aims to provide students with an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding programme of personal development. It is a nationally recognized award, valued by universities and employers. To gain an award students will need to undertake activities in four sections (volunteering, skill, physical recreation and expedition) and demonstrate improvement through persistence and achievement.  At Concord we regularly have groups of students completing either Bronze or Silver Awards, and if we have a group who are ready for the challenge of the Gold Award then we would provide them with the help required.

For a child who enjoys making music, what can Concord offer?

Music plays a central role in the creative life of the college and in the cultural and artistic development of all pupils. Because of the college’s international status many students bring with them a wealth of musical tradition. The music department strives to provide a platform for all those students who want to share their musical experiences and explore the various opportunities on offer. Individual instrumental lessons are available on most orchestral instruments. There are many weekly music clubs & ensembles that students can join, together with a wide variety of opportunities to perform, from informal recitals, and the exciting House Arts Event and Talent Show, to the magnificent Mayor’s Concert at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury.

When can pupils sign up for the ensembles and bands?

There will be an opportunity to sign up for the ensembles and bands at the Enrichment Fayre that takes place at the start of the academic year. However, new members will always be welcome, so if you are interested in joining a group and would like know more speak to the Head of Music.

How ambitious musicians supported and challenged?

In addition to the regular opportunities to perform within Concord, the music department also organises opportunities for our students to perform external recitals, for example at Charity Concerts. There are opportunities to join the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra or  Shropshire Youth Orchestra and perform with talented musicians from the local area, and where appropriate our most talented pupils are encouraged to enter for regional or national level music competitions.

Is sport compulsory?

We believe that a healthy body is essential for students’ well-being, and it is well known that students who regularly exercise will improve their academic performance. Sports can also help develop crucial skills such as teamwork and leadership. Consequently there is an element of compulsory sport on the curriculum. This includes one hour per week in the evening for all students, plus Physical Education lessons for Lower School students, and a compulsory Wednesday afternoon sports programme for Form 3 and Form 4 students. In addition to this, we also have a wide range of optional activities, including competitive sports fixtures, an inter-house sports competition, and recreational sports opportunities for our students to get involved with if they would like.

Is it all work and no play?

Concord students are encouraged to maintain a healthy balance in their lives. Whilst they do take their studies seriously, they are also actively encouraged to take time to enjoy the many sporting, musical and other activities and trips that are on offer.

What other sports are there on offer?

Pupils are encouraged to take part, competitively or for recreation, in a vast range of sports and physical pastimes. The structured sports programme introduces pupils to, and gives them the opportunity to play some of the following: archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, body combat, fencing, football, hockey, judo, netball, squash, swimming, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball

Where is the Art School? Is it open to all?

The Art School is situated with Castle Block. The recently redeveloped building has a dedicated studio for the Sixth Form and classrooms for Lower School pupils. At the hub of all this is a resources area with computers,  a TV with art DVDs and a small reference library for students to use when working on their art projects. Those students not studying Art can also access these excellent facilities through the clubs and can experience work from a huge range of media including ceramics, painting, drawing photography, origami, jewellery paper making, puppet making, silk painting, batik, textiles and so much more!

What facilities are there available for someone wishing to do drama?

Our purpose-built Theatre is an excellent venue for small and large drama productions and gives students the experience of commanding a large stage and developing their stage presence. The Drama Club plays an active part in College life and performers have regular opportunities to perform in front of an audience. Drama forms part of the Lower School curriculum, with lessons for all Form 3 students and as a GCSE option offered to Form 4/5 students.