The safeguarding and well-being of students lies at the heart of Concord’s mission and of our summer course.  Students can come to Concord and expect to be safe from harm.  Student well-being is carefully monitored and activities are professionally staffed.

Concord College is located in a beautiful and safe  location that helps to ensure that young people who join Concord’s summer course can enjoy the environment and feel secure during their time with us. 

Students are closely monitored by their teachers and pastoral staff to ensure their well-being.  In addition to this, Concord has an electronic registration system to ensure that the whereabouts of students is known regularly throughout the day.  Students are issued with identity cards at the beginning of the course and they must register when they are required to do so by the College.  Student registration is checked and monitored by our Safeguarding Managers with absences followed up as soon as reasonably possible.  In addition to this, Concord has an extensive CCTV network and a number of staff who monitor it, particularly during the evenings and overnight. 

During a series of orientation lessons, teachers promote awareness of safety amongst all age groups. These safety discussions will cover road safety, security of  mobile phones and other personal possessions, the dangers of bullying, online safety, alcohol consumption,  illegal drugs and staying safe in the UK. 

Students’ have supervised access to areas in the College which  may present a health and safety risk.  These include the swimming pool, outdoor pursuits, science laboratories, preparation and store rooms, the art rooms and sports halls.   Student use of these facilities  is fully supervised by qualified staff.

In order to ensure health and well-being, students have a set bedtime routine.  Younger students need to be in their boarding house at 21:30 (for students under 12) and older students by 22:30 (for students over 12) with a room check being carried out shortly after this time by the House Parent.  The House Parents use this time to talk to each student to see if they have any worries and to make sure that the student is making the most of the opportunities available to them at Concord. 

Our IT  network has robust firewalls and restricts access to unsuitable websites.  The WiFi is switched off at midnight until 06:00 to ensure students have a good night’s sleep.

Any concerns regarding student welfare are passed to the summer course Safeguarding Manager and Concord’s safeguarding policy will be followed as appropriate.  This policy is in line with UK government statutory guidance and is reviewed regularly.   

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