The quotes below are feedback from parents and agents of students who attended the 2017 programme.  Apart from the names of students being removed, this feedback is published as received.

  • Thank you for taking care of my daughter during these three-week summer course.  My daughter  has arrived Shanghai safe and sound.  She had a great number of progress through this summer school, especially the confidence of speaking English.  We are all very satisfied with this Concord trip. Hope she can come back next year.   Parent of Chinese student, Age 15, English programme
  • All our students were happy with their summer program at Concord College.  Agent of Russian student group, Aged 12 – 16, English and Science programmes
  • Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to learn and communicate with children from different countries and regions.  On behalf of my daughter, I sincerely thank the teachers for their good classes and comments. She feels that this course is very meaningful and valuable.  She has also harvested unforgettable friendship with her classmates.  Finally, I wish all of you all the best.  Parent of Chinese student, Age 16, Science programme
  • Thank you for a wonderful summer which my son enjoyed immensely, and I am sure benefited greatly too.  My son enjoyed Concord college so much when he attended last year such he became a true ambassador for the school in Oman when he came back.  We have offered him many other options this year to widen this experience but he was quite adamant that he wished to spend this summer again in Concord.  Parent of Omani student, Age 16, Science programme
  • My daughter arrived in Japan yesterday safely, filled with many happy memories.  Thanks to the dedicated effort of your team.  She is already looking forward to returning next summer.  Parent of Japanese student, Age 13, English programme
  • My son enjoyed the time at Concord and he will come back again in the next year. He liked a lot all the staff, he found a lot of new friends.  Thank you for organisation of Summer school and your hospitality! Parent of Polish student, Age 14, English programme
  • Thank you all for organising such an amazing course and for taking care of my daughter for the past few weeks. My daughter certainly had a fantastic time and has learnt so much from the course. She is determined to come back next summer. Parent of Vietnamese student, Age 10, Science programme
  • Appreciation!!!  My daughter had a great time.  I thank you all for the great work done.  We hope to see you all again next year. Parent of American student, Age 15, Science programme
  • Thank you so much for everything. A lot of thanks from the student and student’s mother. He really enjoy time to Concord. Agent of Russian student, Age 12, English programme
  • Now we have backed in Shanghai China. My son has shown all the pictures for us in the summer school, and he tells me he loves the time spent in the Concord, and he thinks all the teachers are very kind and interesting. He likes them very much.  Even he told me he want to stay and continue to study in Concord.  This is his first time to live on school.  Thank you all the teachers in the summer school, and we’ll be looking forward to come to Concord again.   Parent of Chinese student, Age 12, English programme
  • Many thanks for the summer period.  I thank you for training at you.  I thank all teachers. Thanks a lot to all teachers.  My daughter very much dreamed to be at your school. Once again Thanks!!!!! Your school the best!!! Parent of Kazakh student, Age 12, English and Science programme
  • My daughter like Concord very much and mentioned several time after she turned from Concord, nice teacher and classmate, enjoy the study and activities, especially for Chemistry and Harry Potter. Thanks again for your kindly support and help to my daughter. Parent of Chinese student, Age 15, Science programme
  • I am writing to you to tell you that this year all my students had a great time at Concord College, so congratulations.  Agent of Spanish student group, Ages 12-16, English programme
  • My son had joyful and unforgettable time with his teachers and classmates in Concord College. I’m very grateful for everyone of Summer Course Team. Thank you for your time and kindly support!  Parent of Chinese student, Age 15, Science programme