& Discounts

The following discounts and scholarships are available for Summer School students only applying for a 2019 summer programme.


The following discounts are available to eligible* students:

Discount Amount Criteria
Sibling 4% off lower course fee Available only for brothers/sisters applying for the same programme dates
Double Course 10% off lower course fee The discount will be applied to the lower course fee only when a student books a double programme
The student can be accommodated on campus between programmes, there is no charge for these extra days


The Summer School is pleased to offer the following Scholarships to eligible* students for the 2019 summer programme.  When these scholarships are open for applications there will be a link available providing further information.

Award Number available Criteria and Closing Date
Winter – CLOSED
1 x 100%
1 x 50%
Themed competition to be emailed to
Closing date 12 noon GMT, 11 January 2019
Spring – CLOSED

For a scholarship to attend a summer programme 27 July-18 August 2019 

1 x 100%
1 x 50%
Themed competition to be emailed to
Closing date 12 noon Sunday 5 April 2019
Worldwide Bursary CLOSED 2 x 100% For students in need of financial assistance
Closing date 11 January and 5 April 2019
The Leighton Award 2 x 100% Awarded during Summer School for the following year
Students must display the spirit and ethos of Concord during their time with us
One student is selected from the July programme and one from the August programme

*Eligible students:

  • Correct age to apply for a summer programme

  • Sibling discount – for brothers/sisters only, does not include any other family members such as cousin

  • Scholarships – for students who have not received a scholarship in the past; previous applicants who have been unsuccessful can still apply