The College has a purpose-built medical centre which is staffed by qualified nurses.  Students can also see a GP (doctor) locally if necessary.  There is no charge for students under 19 being seen by the College nurse or by a local GP.  There is usually no charge for emergency treatment in National Health Service hospitals, however, this may not always be the case and there may be a charge for students.  In certain circumstances, students from EU countries are exempt from hospital treatment charges if they carry a valid European Health Insurance Card.  For further information, please see the National Health Service website. We strongly recommend that medical and travel insurance is arranged in the country of residence to cover the treatment of accidents, injuries, medical treatment or repatriation (for instance by air ambulance). The insurance cover for accidents, injuries, medical treatment or repatriation are not provided by the College.

Medical Conditions: Parents should disclose any medical conditions that their child has so that the College nurse can provide the best possible care for that student.  This includes epilepsy, diabetes, growth hormone treatment, severe known allergies etc.   These must be identified and notified to the College before arrival so that a Care Plan can be put in place for the student by the Medical team.

Students are not permitted to store medication in their rooms.  Medication that is brought into the College will be held by Concord staff: it will be recorded and administered to students as prescribed or required.  This includes over the counter medicines such as pain relief tablets.

Prescribed medication: Prescribed medication for any medical condition must be accompanied by a Doctor’s prescription, translated to English if necessary, stating what the medication is, what it is for, any special storage instructions and the dosage.  It should also be in the original packaging and, where possible, unopened.  It must also have the student name and date of birth on both the prescription and the medication.

The Summer School follows the same medical processes as our main term school and these are available on request.

If you have any queries or questions about our medical care please contact the Summer Course.