The 9th April 2019

On the 9th of April 2019, the House Film Festival screening took place with many excited students and staff gathering at the theatre, eagerly waiting to view the short films produced by the four houses (Gandhi, Mandela, Pankhurst, Teresa).

The four production teams were given a phrase: “You mean they never told you the tale?”, that had to be mentioned in their produced films. The four representative production teams had different approaches to crafting out their storylines and various themes they wanted to portray.

Gandhi used a comical approach to feature Mr Kerslake and his dear Athoc, while Mandela emphasised the theme of positivity – using hilarious counter examples of negativity (Laziness, Depression, Internet dependence). Pankhurst then showcased the academic pressures of students and the theme of elitism/discrimination versus acceptance and grit between the fictitious best A class and worst F class. Lastly, Teresa conveyed the message of love of friendship and frank interviews with students of the house, wrapping the film up with important messages to love and believe in oneself.

Personally, I favoured Teresa’s house film the most (totally not personal bias!), because it reflected many struggles and problems that teenagers like me go through every day. Such as, being heavily pressured by others to excel in a particular area or not having the freedom to pursue one’s own true passion to name a couple. However, I strongly believe in the messages brought to the audience. The quotes of “You are you” and “Don’t doubt yourself, you’re trusted appreciated and loved.” were particularly impactful to me. We should all have the courage to explore and fail, but to never lose hope because we have the support from our family and friends. I felt that the encouraging messages, the support and the care in the film resonated well with the Teresa ethos, as well as the wider Concord community.

Overall, the production team and cast of the various houses put in a tremendous amount of effort in crafting to acting to filming and eventually producing these wonderful short films.

Although the screening lasted for less than an hour, we all thoroughly appreciated the effort put in and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Randall – 6.1