Reunion Day 2014

At 9:45pm, masses of students, graduated and current, huddled around the tennis court and main hall waiting for the fireworks to begin. The anticipation was bubbling in the air as lights flickered in the darkness. A flash of firework following a loud whizzing sound broke the peace and soared across the dark night sky. Immediately, cheers and laughter erupted. Colours exploded through the air, filling it up like paint on canvas. ‘Oohs’ and ‘ahs’ followed each amazing act with sudden bursts of cheers and applause.

The Concord College Reunion happens every two years and is considered to be one of the best events at the school. New students get to enjoy the fireworks and fun disco while old students reunite with their friends and enjoy another ‘Concord-style Saturday night’, which quite frankly, are some of the best nights in our lives.

The firework dispay ended with the words ‘CONCORD REUNION 2014’ glittering silver with a fan shaped waterfall of golden sizzling fireworks in the background. Students started flowing into the sports hall, which was filled with the smell of sweet cotton candy and chocolate. Music boomed from the speakers and trembled the floor. Through the smoke and the fluorescent lights, the dance floor was transformed into a 80s disco. The Cowboy Wild West themed night was very popular as the staff dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls. Sideshows orientated around the Wild West theme, including games such as a quick draw shooting gallery, milking cows and riding the bucking bronco. Students crowded around the chocolate fountain and queued up for the photo booth, others jeered and laughed as brave volunteers were thrown off the machine bull.

By the end of the night, the dance floor was overcrowded with students and some had resorted to dancing on the edge. Sadly, the night couldn’t continue on forever. When the clock struck twelve, Mr. Kerslake kindly reminded us of room check, students began unwillingly drifting out of the sports hall in twos and threes, saying their goodbyes at the door as graduated students walked to main hall to catch the school bus to Shrewsbury.

The Reunion at Concord College is a great chance for old students to relive their Concord days and reunite with their friends still in school. More importantly, it allows fellow students to communicate and helps new students see and hear about the challenges the future may hold. The Reunion was one of the best nights I have ever experienced at Concord, and seeing the looks in the old students’ eyes, I know I will be looking forward to coming back to Concord in the future and cherish the days I get to enjoy now.


Sutianne Li 6.1