House Cross Country 2016

“The key is to enjoy yourself….and win of course” (Enlai Cheng 6.2)

One of the most anticipated events in the Concord calendar, the annual House Cross Country, occurred on the afternoon of the 12th of October, 2017 which was another one of those days that England’s weather couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be blisteringly cold or incredibly warm. There was a great turn out of enthusiastic Lower School students, competitive sixth form runners, without missing out those who simply wanted to enjoy the scenery of Concords beautiful surroundings or participate in the ‘walking club’.

It was time for the race, the Houses were set to go and then…..BANG! The starting gun sounded to the delight of regular cross country runners such as our own inspiring Joe Parker and many others. The route was a very strange one this year though, with narrow path ways, countless styles to jump over as well as the improvised path through the neighbouring farmland. But all in all, many students managed to venture through the incredibly long course and especially without any major injuries recorded. It was also a delight to see staff participating in the cross country event as some of them helped direct us through the course while others ran through the whole course leaving some of the students in the dust behind them.

Coming to the end of the event, the kitchen staff provided everyone with water, juice, snacks and just the essential supplies to cool off with after such a vigorous activity. Finally, the results for participation as well as the awards for those who came in the top three in all categories of the Lower School and Upper School were announced. After a wonderful job from the teachers in charge of the calculations, Gandhi emerged as the best house in the annual cross country, much to the support of its House members. It was generally a thrilling experience, and I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you Concord!

Ugo Itanyi 6.2